Investigative Genetics is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal that publishes articles on the development and application of molecular genetics in a wide range of science disciplines with societal relevance. These include evolutionary, anthropological and historical studies, forensic issues and legal medicine, as well as epidemiology and biosafety.


  • Bruce Budowle, University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • Antti Sajantila, University of Helsinki
  • Manfred Kayser, Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam

Section Editors

  • Antonio Amorim, University of Porto
  • Cristian Capelli, University of Oxford
  • Michael Hofreiter, University of Potsdam
  • Mattias Jakobsson, Uppsala University
  • Peter J Oefner, University of Regensburg


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Editor profiles

Antti Sajantila

Antti Sajantila

"Applying the practical know-how derived from knowledge of modern genetics to various scientific problems is an opportunity and a challenge for any biologically-focused scientist. Many of the applications have great societal importance with unforeseen outcomes. I hope that we can pinpoint and share some of these issues in Investigative Genetics."

Bruce Budowle

Bruce Budowle

"Because of the developments and capabilities afforded to us today to unravel the mysteries of life, this has to be the most exciting time to be a biological scientist. The 21st century is truly the century of biology. I hope that Investigative Genetics will serve the scientific community well in capturing and conveying some of these advances."

Manfred Kayser

Manfred Kayser

"I find it fascinating how an investigative approach to understanding genetics can make a contribution to so many different areas of biological science. I also find the potential impact and relevance of this genetic knowledge to society very exciting. With Investigative Genetics, we hope to provide a platform for communicating new advances in these areas, as well as their wider societal implications."

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